Twisted Gypsy " L i t e "

Fleetwood Mac, with an ACOUSTIC Twist!


Twisted Gypsy "Lite" is a scaled-down (music pun alert!), lighter version of the large band. Tastes great, less filling. Get it? Perfect for smaller venues who feel that "less is more", this line-up of gypsies delivers a fun, fresh take on the spirit of Fleetwood Mac. Two acoustic guitars, a piano, and 4 fab vocals, TG Lite is sure to please!

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This tribute band of music industry veterans appears onstage in character—complete with 70s garb—and grabs the audience from the very first downbeat. More than just a tribute, Twisted Gypsy - LITE embraces the songs as if they are their own, taking the listener back to an earlier time of peace, love and rock and roll. 


Unlike other copycat Fleetwood Mac tributes out there, Twisted Gypsy - whether leaded or unleaded - blends 4 and 5 part harmonies, acoustic guitar and keys grooves, with zero backing tracks and brings the love and energy in ways you just don't expect. Who's ready for that TG cocktail... with a TWIST!?

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