Katie Shorey / Stevie Nicks

Katie is a recording artist, musician, and songwriter.  Previously signed to Interscope Records, she's worked with Quincy Jones, Jimmy Iovine, Will Smith, and Robin Thicke, among many powerhouse talents.  Influenced from an early age by the magic of Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac, Katie was discovered by Twisted Gypsy for her Youtube covers.  She's been called 'the new Stevie' with her modern take on a classic goddess.  Katie will mesmerize and transform you with windblown hair, legendary tambourine skills, booty drops, and keytar slaying.


Sean Patrick Bangert / Lindsey Buckingham

Sean wishes he was alive in the 70s, except that he has anxiety over the idea of meeting his parents. What if he didn't like them? What if they didn't like him!?!?! In 1993 (or 1976), Sean climbed a mountain and turned around. True story. He likes learning new things, the show Three's Company, and carrot cake, and he's turned off by rude people and beans (all of them). Sean is not sponsored by Gibson Guitars or Fender Amps, nor is he sponsored by Dress Barn. A deal with Chest Hair Club for Men may, however, be in the works. The band thanks Sean for his sense of humor, a discounted rate on lawyering, and his abundance of sweaty, post-show hugs.


Alex Nester / Christine McVie

 From beating cancer at 16 years-old to recently sharing the stage with Carlos Santana as a guest artist, Alex Nester has always been a force to be reckoned with. Her unique blend of soul, funk, and r&b, coupled with her refusal to conform to the cookie-cutter industry standard, is infectious and invigorating. Though her voice will cut right through to your soul, she is far more than just a singer. She is an artist determined to push the boundaries of music making. Her third full-length studio album entitled “Someone Better” is due out summer 2019.


Milo Todesco / Mick Fleetwood

Born and raised in Southern California, Milo took advantage of growing up near a metropolis. He attended concerts, classes, and clinics, and heard his favorite drummers while discovering new ones. His lifelong path of music has been vast. Cherished moments such as playing tympani behind the great Choral master Roger Wagner, grooving behind Delaney Bramlett, and jamming with Slash and Brad Paisley. He spent years traveling the world performing in Europe, South America, Australia, Canada, and the USA with punk rockers Down by Law and Zerodown. Recently, Milo recorded and toured with Foo Fighter guitarist Chris Shiflett and the Dead Peasants.


Tim Gilmer / John McVie

 Tim fell in love with playing bass by accident. And, he played in his first band with Billy Derian in STEEL WOLF - on purpose! Tim played all over the Sunset Strip during from the mid 80’s thru the mid 90’s. Bands such as Steel Wolf, Marcus, Cactus Groove, Dark Chapter, Idelwood, and was guitarist and lead vocalist in his own blues band, Timmy G and the Kenny’s. Tim is the fifth generation of performing artists in his family.


Aaron Kusterer (Lead Guitar)

Aaron is a guitarist, composer, and producer.  He's performed around the world for the past 10 years as a member of the United States Air Force Band.  He's led several bands with the Air Force as a tour manager and musical director, traveling from exotic places like the Kwajalein Atoll and Antigua, to Kuwait City and Melbourne. His repertoire ranges from Top 40 pop/rock to jazz and everything in between.  Aaron's played with Eddie Money, Juanes, Danilo Perez, Barry Dunaway (ex-bassist for Yngwie Malmsteen), Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck), and J.K. Kleutgens (Cirque du Soleil), to name a few. He recently co-produced several commercials, including the “Let Hawaii Happen” national marketing campaigns for the Hawaii Visitor’s Bureau. He resides with his wife, Nicolle, in Long Beach, CA. 


Billy Derian & Ruth Balentine (Management, Producers)

Billy and Ruth are So-Cal natives who live for managing/producing all things visual & musical!  Twisted Gypsy is a labor-of-love, as their childhood soundtracks were filled with those mystical, smoky tunes, perfected by bands like Fleetwood Mac.

Billy was the lead writer/singer of the 80’s Metal Band ‘STEELWOLF’ and has extensive experience with the business side of entertainment.  Currently, Executive Producing & hosting TV programs for networks such as Discovery Channel, Velocity & DIY Network/HGTV, Billy D's creating innovative and fun reality series content.

Ruthie is a long-time fan and performer of live stage musicals.  She's been a corporate executive for Fortune 500's, an apparel brand specialist, and a designer/principal of a major shoe company.  Currently, she focuses on health & fitness marketing, and owns an upscale boutique gym. 

Together, their roles in TG are booking, producing, managing & overseeing PR/marketing opportunities.


Arturo Gil ("Arty the Party")

Art is Twisted Gypsy's official hype man, videographer, and party starter.  He's an actor best known for his roles in films like Monkeybone, Spaceballs, and Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.  Also hit TV Shows like Charmed, Ally McBeal, The Man Show and Estudio 2 on Estrella TV.  

He worked with Billy Derian on Discovery Channel's 'Rods N' Wheels' among many other shows.  Their friendhsip spans a lifetime, sharing a passion for Fleetwood Mac and killer live music.