Past Shows


Private Party - Dec 8

It was a party. 

It was private. 

If I told you anything else, I'd have to lock you in a cage. 

Wait, you want me to do that?


Discovery Ventura - Nov 24

Wow. No words. Just wow. Can't think of a word to describe this night other than amazing. Words like incredible, unforgettable, epic... they don't begin. I'm totally at a loss to describe this emotional, uplifting, joyful celebration. It was more than a party, it was an orgy of elation and a festival of fun. Really, its impossible to describe with words. 



Say something. Do something. Don't ignore someone who needs help. 

Nov 25, NABU Wines, Westlake Village, CA


There was never a question that we wanted to do anything we could. 


Such a wonderful day. We sincerely hope we brought even just a ray of light to someone in need. 


Whisky-a-Go-Go, Hollywood, CA - Nov 3

We don't need nuthin' but a good time, and we get it every time at the Whisky!


Temecula Theater ~ Old Town Temecula, CA

A Beautiful Theater, A Magical Night - Nov 2

We knew it was going to fun, but we had no idea how wonderful everyone would be. Fans and crew alike, we were just stunned and didn't want to leave at the end of the evening. Thank you, Temecula!

Thornton Winery ~ Temecula, CA

Another wonderful time at one of the most beautiful wineries in Southern California - Oct 26

We couldn't be more grateful to everyone at Thornton and to all the fans that came out to party hardy in wine country. We hope to do it again very soon. 

Flynn's Cabaret & Steakhouse

Felton, California - Aug 31

Our Gypsy-mobile pulled out of our bungalow that overlooks the Sunset Strip just as a sun was coming up. Stevie had not even found her seat yet, when Bulldog Billy put the pedal to the metal and we began our journey up the coast. Somewhere past Santa Barbara, Lindsey and Christine broke into Hold Me. Once we entered the land of the giant California Coast redwoods, Mick announced that there was not a grander place anywhere in the world save for his grand-mummie's home in Yorkshire. John and Nigel slept most of the way, as they had not gone to bed when we piled into the van. This was the beauty rest they deserved (and as Steve would say later, they REALLY needed - rude). 

Felton was nothing short of magical, marvelous, wonderous, and spectacular. We made new friends, lovers... and even an enemy, but what kind of an adventure does not have at least one villain. 

Though some of us returned with some magic crystals, we surely left something behind in the Redwoods. Perhaps a part of our innocence. Lindsey, his watch. But we'll be back. Oh yes, we'll be back. 


The Granbury Theater/Opera House

Granbury, Texas - August 9, 10 & 11

What's got 6 boot-wearin', belt-bucklin', dip-spitting cowboy-gypsys rarin' to have a good time? This band! We brought it all to Texas and, man, did everyone have a good time.

A sincere thanks to Granbury for packing three Twisted Gypsy shows in 24 hours! We in and out so fast (that's what she said) and we were so sad to leave, but hoping to plan our return very soon. 

Check out the VIDEOS!

Ventura County Fair, Ventura, CA - Aug 3 & 4

TG and fairs go together like funnel cake and powered sugar!

Many thanks to everyone at the fair! Such a rad team!


Apotheke, Downtown Los Angeles, CA - July 26

ACOUSTIC SHOW! We brought our striped-down version of the magic to Apotheke. It was magical. And dark. But mostly magical. 

Holly... THANK YOU!


Camarillo Fiesta, Camarillo, CA - July 22

What's something exciting your business offers? Say it here.


Discovery Ventura, Ventura, CA - July 6

We took our picture with the giant Bill Murray face. Have you?

Love these people here at DV! (So much cooler than the people at the DMV)


NABU Winery, Westlake Village, CA - June 23

Greg and the gang are good people selling better wine and hiring the best entertainment. And they hired us too!


Canyon Cowboy, Canyon Lake, CA - June 16

Roofers in the area get a lotta work after we come into town.

('cause we blow the roof off...)

Much love to the CC Crew!


Plan B Winery, Ventura, CA - June 10

Seandsey is always happy jamming on his birthday!


The Slidebar, Fullerton, CA - May 26

Slidebar, oh Slidebar

Not like any other bar

Whether near or very far

You'll always be my Slidebar

In a jar, in a car...

Covered in tar...


Malibu Wines, Malubu Canyon, CA - May 25

Under the stars...

Canyon Cowboy, Canyon Lake, CA - May 12

One of our favorites! Home away from home!


Saban Theater, Beverly Hills, CA - April 27

Who say's we're not classy? BH much??


Velvet Jones, Santa Barbara, California - May 17

We had the luck of the Irish on us that evening. And a bit of his puke on our shoes as well. But, ah, twas a fine night! 


Whisky a Go Go, Hollywood, California - Mar 2

LIVE from the Sunset Strip... like it was always meant to be.