"I closed my eyes and heard Stevie."

~ Sara Fleetwood

"Let's tour together! You guys kick ass!"

~ Yachtley Crew, kings of Yacht Rock

"One of, if not the best, tributes in the biz today... huge fan!"

~ Noel Frawley, Borderline Bar & Grill, Thousand Oaks, CA

"Blew my mind, was like I was watching The Mac, honored to sing with your Stevie."

~ Petty or Not, Tom Petty Tribute


"You'd swear you were at a 70's Mac show. The Lindsey & Stevie energy is mesmerizing and the vocal impressions are spot on."

~ Ventura County Star Entertainment, Ventura, CA


"The closest you'll get to seeing Stevie & Lindsey, unless you pay big $ for Fleetwood Mac tickets."

~ The Viper Room, Hollywood, CA


"Seriously cool version of The Mac. You guys were incredible!"

~ Whisky a Go Go, Hollywood, CA

"No backing tracks? Seriously? None? F'ing amazing"

~ Tyler, Pro


"The evening was amazing, people were dancing in the grass. I hope they come back every year and play for our opening day."

- Foothill Little League, Glendale, California


"Blew us away... Twisted Gypsy is literally in a league reserved for national acts and a super nice group to work with."

~ Canyon Club, Agoura Hills, CA

"I closed my eyes and I heard Stevie."

~ Sara Fleetwood

"I f-ing loved it, man. Made me cry, reminded me of my uncle and dad ... used to go camping and listen to Rumours over and over. Holy sh*t, you guys are perfect, man."

~ Drunk guy, front row, some show, somewhere

Pretty sure I saw the best fleetwood mac cover band last nite!... so much fun. 

I think I'll be their groupie :)

- Facebook Fan

"Biggest crowd ever!! You guys killed! We love when you play here."

~ Owner, Casa Escobar, Malibu, CA

"Hands down the most professional act and biggest crowd ever at Fiesta Camarillo!"

~ Mayor of Camarillo, CA

"Watched you rock the Temecula Wine Fest. Incredible. Couldn't believe the vocals were live!"

~ GM, Thornton Winery, Temecula, CA 


"Killed! Could not believe what we heard. From the front office during your sound check , it was like listening to the Rumours album. Your lead singers are spot on!!"

~ Owner, Rock City Studios, Camarillo, CA

"Best tribute band we have ever had play here! Your live harmonies were unbelievable , I had to ask our sound guy TWICE if they were Tracks!"

~ GM, Discovery Ventura, Ventura, CA


"Incredible version of Fleetwood Mac... This band has real magic!"

~ Mayor of Ontario, CA

"Best band ever to play our lil town, you'll be back every year! PLEASE!"

 - President, Lion's Club of Ojai, Ojai Day Festival 

"I don't know how, and I don't know when, but pretty sure I got knocked up at their last show... and I'm pretty sure it's Stevie's baby."

- Old guy, stuck in the 70s, Los Angeles, CA

"What a great show to see. Thank you!"

~ Big Dave Little

"The energy put out is amazing. People ask for you weekly! Our stage is yours when you're in town"

~ GM, Copper Blues, Oxnard, CA 

"So good. Next time I'll even pay for my ticket."

~ Old guy who snuck in to show